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TUNS™ empowers users to maintain service and utilities to maintain cash flow at the service property. Contact us today for solution-driven performance!
Utility Notification System
A proprietary utility financial and compliance management process for landlord / tenant user accounts.
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An essential service for all consumers, we inform and manage users, while facilitating customer care. Contact us today for a presentation.
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Maintain cash flow, comply with regulatory edits, gain compliance; these are the benefits of engaging TUNS™. Contact us today for a presentation.
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TUNS™ helps control costs, with equitable implementation of compliance requirements and customer care issues. Contact us today for a presentation.

Landlords and Tenants: Multi-family / Residential Users

Multi-Family / Residential

State Regulations specify how a utility company must handle a delinquent multi-family property, and other properties occupied by users [such as occupants] who are not the utility company customer-of-record. Learn More

Landlords and Tenants: Commercial / Residential Users

Commercial / Residential Users

Properties with combined users, such as residential tenants and commercial owners or tenants using the same line, present a particular problem. Learn More

Landlords and Other Users: Third Party Management

Third Party Management

Within the utility base, there are Landlords with accountability for ensuring users have access to essential services, when the users are incapable of exercising their rights to continue service.  Learn More

Enhanced Recovery Solutions, LLC


Active Call Center

Utility Companies looking to contain costs associated with non-payment of tenant-occupied properties [by landlord/property owners] will discover the answer, TUNS™, the 'enhanced recovery solution'! Seamlessly interfacing the TUNS™ process, our turn-key vertical solution, augments Utility Company enforcement/compliance efforts; yielding high revenue returns, without committing valuable resources.

We assume the cost of process implementation, organizing tenants to ensure Utility Companies can quickly realize cash flow from current bills at delinquent properties, while also generating revenue from delinquent landlord accounts.

The Goal: bring landlord/property owners into payment compliance. Effective and consistent application of the TUNS™ process can lead to improvements in on-time bill payment ratios, making the enforcement effort more productive.

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