What is TUNS?

Friday, 12 October 2012 14:33
TUNS - Changing the Future

The introduction of the TUNS™ product into the Utility Industry as a turnkey vertical process addresses a myriad of issues Utility Companies, Stakeholders, and Regulators have concerning essential service provision to delinquent landlord/tenant properties. Tenant/landlord account management, and the application of regulatory mandates, has direct impact on social issues and revenue objectives. Finding an equitable balance reflects the spirit of the regulations governing the handling of the landlord/tenant relationship. TUNS™ is a safety net that achieves that balance.

By providing user and owner outreach and education, tenants are now empowered to exercise their right to continue service, if landlords fail to pay. The process includes notification/verification of occupancy, delinquency, and property status; tenant organization meetings and tenant billing, primary owner account reconciliation, audit trails, reporting, and referrals are components of the TUNS™ process.

The regulatory requirements of enforcement action for non-payment on tenant-occupied properties conflicts with most Utility Company core enforcement functions. The implementation of the TUNS™ business process outsource approach ideally suits this edict. TUNS™ is an efficient scalable process, that will illicit payment or satisfy all due process mandates and notifications to terminate service. Finally, TUNS™ puts tenant-occupied properties in the queue with other account classifications.

Success of the TUNS™ process is measured by maintaining cash flow at the property, and recovering delinquent revenue through the process. We envision TUNS™ as the future standard for compliance and regulatory management of tenant/landlord accounts. TUNS™ is for customers that owe you TUNS™ of money.