Landlords and Tenants: Commercial/Residential Users

Wednesday, 27 June 2012 16:31
Commercial User Properties

Properties with combined users, such as residential tenants and commercial owners or tenants using the same line, present a particular problem. Since residential service prevails, commercial tenants can get the benefit of maintaining service, if they become delinquent, even when they have responsibility for payment. This situation is most notable when the business owner also occupies the property with tenants. Examples are restaurants, lounges, retail stores, etc. that are operating on the ground floor with tenants living above.

TUNS™ gives the utility company options, and residential tenants the right to continue service. Inspections at the site are critical to assess the situation, and notify landlords and tenants of rights, responsibilities, and next actions. TUNS™ empowers tenants in such circumstances, allowing for separate billing to maintain the service. TUNS™ manages the vertical customer process, which includes pursuing compliance from the landlord/business owner.

TUNS™ is a turnkey process for Utility Companies, utilizing a plug and play format, it adds to the cache of management tools Utility Companies need to efficiently handle all areas of Customer Care. Regulators, Stakeholders, and the Utility Company will benefit from implementation of the TUNS™ process with effective and consistent application of the regulatory edicts, fostering commercial customer compliance, while generating revenue from non-paying accounts