Landlords and Tenants: Multi-family/Residential Users

Wednesday, 27 June 2012 16:31
Residential User Properties

State Regulations specify how a Utility Company must handle a delinquent multi-family property, and other properties occupied by users [such as occupants] who are not the Utility Company customer-of-record.

Most Utility Regulations require myriad notification and due-process, before termination of service at a tenant-occupied property to ensure the protection of user and customer rights. Termination of service for non-payment is not an ideal situation. A more pragmatic approach is to continue to receive payment directly from the users. However, to do this efficiently, utility companies need a cost effective solution to obtain payment on an ongoing basis. TUNS™ can maintain these accounts in active status generating current revenue, while pursuing delinquent landlords for the past due receivables, before they are written off.

The TUNS™ program includes outreach to landlords and tenants to communicate rights and responsibilities of both parties. The representatives in our call centers are ready to answer consumer's questions about landlord/tenant regulations, and the TUNS™ process. Also, our representatives in the field provide information, post notifications, and serve notices/bills. An essential component of TUNS™ is establishing continuation of service by organizing tenants and providing ongoing billing to tenants at the property.