Friday, 12 October 2012 14:31
Partnership via Shaking Hands and People

Enhanced Recovery Solutions, LLC partners with companies recognized as best-of-breed world-wide. A key partnership is our banking relationship with Santander Bank, an international conglomerate giving us global marketplace reach. This partnering allows for hands-off payment processing to minimize errors and control the financial work flow.

The cash management process is fully automated; ensuring cash is never received or handled by staff in the field or office. Paper and electronic checks are directly deposited into a lockbox for clearance minute-by-minute, allowing for all forms of payment. Cash payments must be made directly into the Utility Company.

Enhanced Recovery Solutions operates TUNS™ on an Oracle-based platform with scalability and flexibility. TUNS™ is capable of maintaining total case management for each account, generating notifications, billings, and reconciling tenant accounts to landlord accounts [for submission of a consolidated payment, with detailed payment information] to the Utility Company. This replication of functions paralleling the Utility Company,

TUNS™ backroom operations are automated for an efficient workflow. Account activity is captured at every contact, and field reports are updated real time. Ad-hoc reporting and scheduled reporting are available features. Audit trails exist on the origination and disposition of all financial information, activity, and data.