Landlords and Other Users: Third Party Management

Wednesday, 27 June 2012 16:31
Third Party Management Properties

Within the utility base, there are Landlords with accountability for ensuring users have access to essential services, when the users are incapable of exercising their rights to continue service.

Once established, these customer accounts are essentially trust relationships, managed by third-parties that the utility company honor. These accounts can be sensitive to handle, and may require extensive resource commitments, if they become delinquent. Though the utility may legally be able to terminate service for non-payment, the likelihood is this will never occur.

Hospitals, schools, group and nursing homes are among the properties within this classification. Utility companies need payment for these services, but identifying a responsible party may require myriad notifications, field investigations, and locate services to ascertain the managing bill payer. This group may also include challenged or elderly persons, unable to manage their utility accounts, requiring the intercession of a third-party. TUNS™ brings the utility company to the property, providing "eyes and ears" necessary in the collection of vital customer and property data for utility management and customer care.

Utility Companies seeking to maintain cash flow and contain costs can deploy TUNS™ to leverage necessary office and field resources. TUNS™ provides a vital link to this type of user, identifying critical information to effect compliance. Additionally, TUNS™ provides Stakeholder management, critical to maintaining a sensitive balance between Stakeholders' concerns and the financial impact to the Utility Company from non-payment of these accounts.